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Tel. 024 7638 3684

Stockingford AA Charity Cup - Committee 

Chairman: Ian Garrett.

Secretary:  Warren Percival:  Tel: 07738 957175

Referees Secretary: Petre Balac: Tel: 07971 843067

Treasurer: Andrew Astle.                  

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Past Winners

1994/95        Poplar Athletic FC
1995/96        Frank Parker FC
1996/97        Frank Parker FC
1997/98        Frank Parker FC
1998/99        Twenty Millpool FC
1999/00        Frank Parker FC
2000/01        Attleboro Wine Bar FC
2001/02        Keresley Jaguar FC
2002/03        Poplar Athletic FC
2003/04        Collycroft Rangers FC
2004/05        Frank Parker FC
2005/06        Sunnyside FC
2006/07        Collycroft Goose FC
2007/08        Collycroft Goose FC
2008/09        Poplar Athletic FC
2009/10        Ridge Lane FC
2010/11        Ridge Lane FC
2011/12        Drayton FC
2012/13        Drayton FC
2013/14        Poplar Athletic FC
2014/15        Twenty Millpool FC
2015/16        Poplar Athletic FC
2016/17        Ambush FC
2017/18        Ambush FC

Stockingford AA - Charity Cup

March 10th 2019

Season 2018-2019 Competition

Stockingford AA Charity Cup - Final

Weddington Thistle FC      0 - 7    Ambush FC

Semi Final Results

The Results for this years Semi Final Ties were:

Ambush FC                     3 - 1     Birchmoor (Sunday) FC       

Weddington Thistle FC    1 - 1    Grendon FC (Wedd Thistle won 6-5 on Penalties)

The FINAL will take place on Sunday May 12th 2019, and will be played at Nuneaton Borough FC, Liberty Way Stadium with a 2.00pm Kick Off.

The Final will be between Weddington Thistle FC from the Premier Division of the Nuneaton & District Sunday League and Ambush FC from the Premier Division of the Coventry & District Sunday League.

Ambush FC will be out for 3 on the spin victories, having lifted the trophy in 2017 and 2018.  Weddington Thistle FC will be making their first appearance this afternoon.

The Match officials today will be:

Referee:  Mr Steve Johnson (Nuneaton)

Assistant Referee: Mr Andrew Aston (Coventry)

Assistant Referee: Mr Ken Howe (Coventry)

Season 2018-19 - Results - Round 1 & Round 2

Round One

Results Sunday October 14th 2018

Game 1 Poplar Athletic FC 3 - 2 Bedworth Liberal FC
Game 2 Wallace FC 5 - 1 Bedworth Sports FC
Game 3 Sunnyside Inn FC 1 - 2 Holbrooks United FC
Game 4 Grendon FC Off 1680 Rainbow Inn FC
Game 5 Birchmoor (Sunday FC) 1 - 0 Frank Parker FC
Game 6 Empire Ambush FC 4 - 0 Drayton FC
Game 7 Ambush FC 5 - 0 Bedworth Travellers FC
Game 8 Spires Athletic FC 1 - 4 Weddington Thistle FC

Round Two

Sunday November 11th 2018

Game 1 Poplar Athletic FC 2 - 2 Grendon FC (Pens)
Game 2 Weddington Thistle FC 6 - 0 Wallace FC
Game 3 Ambush FC (Pens) 1 - 1 Empire Ambush FC
Game 4 Birchmoor (Sunday) FC 3 - 2 Holbrooks Utd FC

The Stockingford AA Charity Cup Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody that has helped us in this year’s competition. Bringing together the best teams from Coventry, Tamworth, Bedworth and Nuneaton has ensured that this season’s competition has remained as one of the high profile competitions in the Sunday football league calendar.


We would like to thank the following organisations who provided the support and guidance to ensure that we could host this season’s competition;

Nuneaton & District Sunday Football League

Coventry & District Sunday Football League
Tamworth & District Sunday Football League

Together with thanks to the Nuneaton Borough FC for the providing the excellent facilities.

All proceeds from this years competition will be donated to:

Warwickshire Air Ambulance

Thank you for your support


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