Founded in 1966


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Nuneaton Telegraph.

Tel. 024 7650 0309


Sponsored by:

Andy, Pete and Pez Muir

In Memory of their Dad - Willy Muir.

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Past Winners

1994/95        Frank Parker FC
1995/96        Bulkington WMC FC
1996/97        Drayton FC
1997/98        Frank Parker FC
1998/99        Frank Parker FC
1999/00        Lancet FC
2000/01        Frank Parker FC
2001/02        Drayton FC
2002/03        Atherstone White Lion FC
2003/04        Pig & Whistle FC
2004/05        Hartshill Sports FC
2005/06        Collycroft Goose FC
2006/07        New Dolphin FC
2007/08        Haunchwood Sports FC
2008/09        Drayton FC
2009/10        Ridge Lane FC
2010/11        Ridge Lane FC
2011/12        Bear & Ragged Staff FC
2012/13        Haunchwood Sports FC
2013/14        Haunchwood Sports FC
2014/15        Poplar Athletic FC
2015/16        Haunchwood Sports FC
2016/17        Poplar Athletic FC
2017/18        Weddington Thistle FC

Nuneaton Telegraph Cup - Results

Premlinary Rd       
Hartshill Sports  8 0 FC Miners
Bedworth Cons 5 2 Sunnyside
Bedworth Travs (Pens) 2 2 Ridge Lane 
TNT  (Removed) 6 2 Att Royal Oak
Round 1      
Haunchwood Sports 3 0 Ambleside 
Acorn 2 4 Witherley  (Removed)
Bull & Anchor 6 0 Windmill
FC Atack  1 4 Grendon 
Attleboro Royal Oak 5 2 Attleborough Fox
Frank Parkers 8 1 Bedworth Liberal 
Poplar Athletic 5 3 Chetwynd Arms 
Bedworth Conservative 0 2 Hartshill Sports
Collycroft Royal Oak 3 2 Saunders Hall
Weddington Thistle  1 1 Drayton On Pens
Bentley Sports 2 1 Bulkington Poppys
Parade 0 5 Bedworth Sports
Darkside 3 2 Fir Tree
Coniston 5 1 Griff & Coton Manor 
Round 2      
Attleborough Royal Oak 2 3 Grendon  
Darkside 2 2 Frank Parkers (Pens)
Collycroft Royal Oak 2 8 Stock White Lion
Drayton  5 0 Haunchwood Sports
Bedworth Travellers 4 1 Hartshill Sports
Bedworth Sports 2 5 Bentley Sports
Acorn 5 2 Bull & Anchor
Round 3      
Drayton 2 1 Stock White Lion
Bedworth Sports 1 2 Grendon 
Acorn 1 5 Frank Parkers
Poplar Athletic 3 0 Bedworth Travellers
Poplar Athletic (Pens) 2   Drayton
Frank Parkers 1  Grendon

Nuneaton Telegraph Cup

May 5th 2019

Season 2018-2019 Competition

The Nuneaton Telegraph Cup (previously the Tribune Cup) is one of the original trophies that were used when the League was first formed in 1966.  The original Tribune Cup took its name from the local Evening Tribune newspaper, and throughout its use it has been supported by the Tribune newspaper through its Managing Director Norman Peckett, and latterly from its parent group Reach PLC Group.


The trophy started life as the Divisional Cup for the one and only division of ten teams that started in July 1966.  As the League grew, in 1968 a second division was formed, and the Nuneaton Telegraph Cup became what it is today, the only cup in the League competed for by each clubs first team.


The first winners were Ansley Common FC who until 1998 remained members of Premier One, in all they were victorious on 7 occasions the last in 1987. A record, that stands today.


The competition has only once in its 50 years failed to be completed, back in 1973-74, when a late decision from Birmingham County FA, meant there was no time to complete the competition.  It all started through the lack of a match ball in a game that involved Tribune FC.  The Committee, which included the Leagues present Vice Chairman Alan Aucott, removed the Club from the competition.


Tribune FC appealed the decision to BCFA, and were successful, but the time taken, did not allow enough time to complete, the outstanding rounds and the competition was declared null & void.


The Management Committee rebranded the completion in 2015 to the Nuneaton Telegraph Cup after the local weekly Tribune closed.

Meet the Teams in this years Final !


Grendon FC have been Members of the Cannon Sports Premier Division since gaining promotion from Division One when finishing Runners Up in 2015-16.  This will be the Clubs first appearance in the Nuneaton Telegraph Cup Final.


Poplar Athletic FC became Members of the NDSFL in 2014, when they transfered from the Coventry Sunday League going straight into the Cannon Sports Premier Division. This will be the Clubs fifth appearance, winning the Cup twice and runners up on the other two occasions.


GRENDON FC                             POPLAR ATHLETIC FC


Danny Austin

Richard Loach

Eddy Johnson


Lloyd Austin



Kieron Jenkinson

Steven Jakovlevs

Alan Carlberg

Dec Ford

Lloyd Everitt

Gav Brown

Greg Webb

Rob Hammond

Jamie King

Kyle Aucott - Captain

Lewis Palfreyman

Luke Tyler

Kieran Mulholland

Paul Tyler

Rob Smith

Timmy Read

Corey Sweet

Luke Evans



Grendon working Men’s Club.

K Brown and Son Roofing.

Midland Moves.


Red & Black Stripe Shirts

Black Shorts

Red Socks


Lee Sullivan

Mark Blair



Alan Mallabone



Andy Needham

Steve Brook

Adam Green

Luke Worwood

Nick Harrison

Sam Reader

Chris Socket

Lewis Blair

Sam McLintock

Tyson Knight

Lee Buggea

Mitch Thompson

Joe McLintock

Danny Taylor

Joe Miles

Danny Hollywood

Danny Harris

Ben Thackeray


Chopra Auto Spares Ltd


Red - White Trim Shirts

Red Shorts

Red Socks

Todays Match Officials:

Referee:   Mr Bill Canavan.

Assistant Referee:  Mr Kyle Brandon.

Assistant Referee:  Mr Sean Divitt.

Last Seasons Winners

Weddington Thistle FC

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