Cup Eligibility Criteria

In the FIRST Round of all Cups, players who have signed for their respective Club will be eligible.

In the Second and subsequent rounds including Semi-Finals and Final of all cup competitions organized by this Competition, all players shall either:


      (i)    Have played for the same Club in     

      (ii)   A previous round of the same competition  

      (iii)   In another cup competition/division game

             organised by the Competition.    

      (iv)  Has been properly registered for the Club for a

             period of not less than 21 days.

      (v)  A transferred player, having played in a particular 

            cup competition with his previous Club, shall not 

            take part in the same competition during the 

            current season for his new Club.

     (vi)  No player registered after the last Tuesday in March

            will be eligible to participate in cup competitions

            organized by the competition.

See Page 33 of the NDSFL Rules !!!

NDSFL CUP DRAWS 2019-2020 - Rounds Two and Three

Paul Bliss


The NDSFL Management Committee would like to thank Mr Ian Davis - ID Kitchen Designs) for making the draw.

Nuneaton Telegraph Cup
Sponsored by Reach PLC
  Round 3
Frank Parker FC v Wedd Thistle or Nun Boro
Fuzzy Duck FC v Coventry Empire FC
Griff & Coton or Coniston FC  v Drayton FC
Bedworth Conservative Club v Windmill or Ambleside AFC
Collycroft Royal Oak FC v Acorn or Poplar Athletic FC
Hartshill Sports FC v Lamb & Flag FC
Crows Nest Sports FC v Sunnyside Inn or Ambush
The Whitestone FC v Bulkington Poppy's FC
PID Kitchen Designs Cup
Sponsored by Ian Davis
  Round 2
Weddington Thistle FC v BYE
Frank Parker FC v Lamb & Flag FC
Coventry Empire FC v Haunchwood Sports FC
Poplar Athletic FC v Ambush FC
Vernon Baggott Memorial Cup
Sponsored by CG Windows
  Round 2
Bedworth Conservative FC v Acorn FC
Ambleside AFC v Witherley  / Ridge Lane FC
Bedworth Liberal FC v Drayton Res / Bed Travs
Bulkington Poppy's FC v FC Atack 
WH Pearson Memorial Bowl
Sponsored by Scream Entertain
  Round 2
Collycroft Royal Oak FC v Crows Nest Sports FC
Ridge Lane FC Res v Bedworth Liberal FC  Res
Ambleside AFC Res v Nuneaton Boro Sunday FC
FC Miners v Chetwynd Phoenix FC
DBrian Dowsett Memorial Cup
Sponsored by Stockingford AA
  Round 2
Chetwynd Phoenix FC Res v AFC Barn
Lord Nelson 2018 FC v Ashby Road Sports FC
Sunnyside / White Lion Bulk FC v Windmill  or Griff & Coton
FC Miners Res v Crows Nest United FC
Pete Smith Memorial  Cup
Sponsored by Frank Parker
  Round 2
The Whitestone FC v Sunnyside or Chet Phoenix
Attleboro Fo or Bedworth Lib Res v W.Lion Bulk or Colly Oak
Windmill or Crows Nest United v Ridge Lane Res
Lord Nelson or Drayton Res  v
Bull Anchor or Fuzzy Duck


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