Season 2020-21

This Season 2020-21 the Nuneaton & Distict Sunday Football League will operate with Four Divisions, having a compliment of 43 Teams competing.

The League Structures have now been released and are shown opposite.  

Our START DATE is scheduled for:


League Structure 2020-2021

Alan Aucott

League Membership 2020-2021

The League will operate with 43 Teams (37 First Teams and 6 Reserve Teams)

The Season will Start on Sunday September 6th 2020 - Suject to Ratification.

Please remember when arranging Friendly Fixtures that Clubs must have Affiliated with their County FA and must have an Invoice No Receipt.

    County FA County FA
Premier Division Ground Affiliation No Invoice No
Cannon Sports      
Ambleside AFC Ambleside Way W-BIR7689 W-INV101966
FC Atack  Pingles W-BIR7810 W-INV101762
Drayton FC Stockingford AA W-BIR7883 W-INV102284
Frank Parker FC Academy W-BIR7432 W-INV101377
Grendon FC QE School Atherstone W-BIR7849 W-INV102136
Hartshill Sports FC Hartshill Rec W-BIR7382 W-INV101182
Haunchwood Sports FC Vale View W-BIR7758 W-INV102098
Lamb & Flag FC Fillongley W-BIR7587 W-INV101600
Poplar Athletic FC NC School W-BIR8164 W-INV102652
Ridge Lane FC Ridge Lane W-BIR8026 W-INV101377
Weddington Thistle FC Sandon Park W-BIR7823 W-INV101744
Division One Ground Affiliation No Invoice No
The EJ Group Ltd      
Acorn FC George Eliot School W-BIR7989 W-INV102437
Attleborough Fox FC Pauls Land  W-BIR8196 W-INV102542
Bedworth Conservative Club FC Miners Park W-BIR7511 W-INV101566
Bedworth Liberal FC
Bedworth Travellers FC
NC School
Newdigate Rec
Bull & Anchor FC Howat Rd W-BIR7829 W-INV101837
Chetwynd Phoenix FC Pauls Land  W-BIR7580 W-INV101700
Drayton FC Res  Stockingford AA W-BIR7883 W-INV102284
Fuzzy Duck FC Pingles W-BIR7795 W-INV101791
Nuneaton Boro Sunday FC Pauls Land W-BIR8094 W-INV101190
Witherley Utd FC Witherley W-BIR8040 W-INV102543
Division Two Ground Affiliation No Invoice No
Mark Blair Mortgage & Finance      
Ambleside AFC Res Ambleside Way W-BIR7689 W-INV11966
Ashby Road Sports FC Ashby Road - Hinckley W-LEI2701 W-LEI38009/010
Bedworth Liberal FC Res NC School W-BIR7827 W-INV102183
Chetwynd Phoenix FC Res Pauls Land W-BIR7580 W-INV101700
Collycroft Royal Oak FC Newdigate Rec W-BIR8038 W-INV102542
Coniston Tavern FC Pauls Land W-BIR7514 W-INV101517
Crows Nest Sports FC Pauls Land W-BIR7807 W-INV102135
FC Miners Griff & Coton W-BIR7490 W-INV101445
Griff & Coton Manor  FC Griff & Coton W-BIR7688 W-INV101965
Ridge Lane FC Res Ridge Lane W-BIR8026 W-INV101377
Saunders Hall FC Heckley Fields W-BIR7984 W-INV102430
Division Three Ground Affiliation No Invoice No
Nuneaton Trophies & Giftware      

Attleborough Sports FC George Eliot Sch W-BIR7505 W-INV101417
Barwell Cricketers FC Earl Shilton W-LEI2687 W-LEI37953/4
Crows Nest United FC Pauls Land W-BIR8169 W-INV102732
Haunchwood Sports FC Res Vale View W-BIR7758 W-INV102098
LNFC 18 Weavers Spring - Hin W-LEI2762 INV-LEI38150/51
Sunnyside Inn FC Bermuda W-BIR7748 W-INV102040
Swan Dive FC Bramcote W-BIR7440 W-INV101413
The Whitestone FC Pauls Land W-BIR7885 W-INV102100
Alties Athletic FC NC School W-BIR8124 W-INV102622
CJ's Athletic FC Heckley Fields W-BIR8192 W-INV102757



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