Club Secretary's should note that the next League Meeting will take place at The Stockingford Pavilion on Monday August 19th 2019, starting at 7.15pm.



August 2019

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League Meeting Minutes August 2019

May 2019

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May 2019 - League Minutes

Seasons 2019-2020

John Clark


MEETING HELD MONDAY AUGUST 19th 2019 - Stockingford AA Pavilion

General League Meeting 19th August 2019 - opened at 7.30pm.

Our Chairman Andy Baggott, together with Wayne Harbut and Ian Davis were away on holiday, John Morrissey was working therefore the meeting, at Stockingford AA, was chaired by Vice Chairman Alan Aucott.

Minutes of the preceding General League Meeting (20th May 2019)

The minutes of the last meeting were read and were approved as a true record. There were no matters arising.

Chairmans Report

Alan introduced John Ward in his new role of President of our League for the next two years. He also said that two of our Vice Presidents we also present, Frank Parker and Patrick McParland.

At our AGM, Keith Lenton was named as the winner of our Chairmans Award for last season. Alan gave a brief resume of his activities as  a referee on this League since 1978 before the trophy was presented to him by Hugh Renshaw and John Ward. Keiths wife Ginny was also presented with a bouquet. 


Alan then introduced all the members of our Management Committee by name and gave short details of their individual roles within the committee.  All the clubs new to our League were welcomed to the meeting, as were all representatives of our returning clubs. The four clubs who have resigned from membership since our AGM were also mentioned.


It was understood that this meeting has clashed with the Referees Association monthly meeting, so Alan announced this seasons changes to the Laws Of The Game, these updates will also appear on our website, as will an explanation of the use of sin bins which will also apply to our League from this season.

Secretaries Report

Some points of interest concerning activities in all our matches were covered:-


In all our games teams can name up to five substitute players who can all play a part in the match. Again, the use of Roll On, Roll Off substitutes will not be allowed, once a player has been substituted he can take no further part in the game.

FA rules for the match day registration of new players will again be implemented, exactly the same as last year. On the day, the coloured registration card must be countersigned by an official of the opposing team on the day for the registration to be valid. All teams will be allowed to sign one player, per team, per week on the day.

The referees fee for our matches for this year will be £32, to be shared equally between both teams. The home team should collect their half from the away team and pay the full sum to the referee promptly after the game.

All secretaries were urged to make frequent checks on the Whole Game System, especially with regard to player discipline.

Registration Secretaries Report

Lee Hodgson said that all clubs have received a detailed e-mail about registration of players and match forms etc. He said that he would answer any questions after the end of this meeting.  All clubs were reminded that registrations for all players must  be submitted to hime by 6.00pm on Tuesday 27th August or they will not be eligible to play in the opening games on 1st September. All clubs were warned not to play any player in any game who is not properly registered.

Fixture Secretaries Report 

Paul Bliss said that all provisional fixture lists for September have already been published, any later changes to fixtures will be e-mailed to clubs on the Monday preceding the Sunday Fixtures.

Treasurers Report 

This year our General Meetings are to be held every two months, specific dates are shown on our website. All club invoices will be sent by e-mail on 15th of every month, to be paid by the end of the month. Normally for most clubs such payments will be made by bank transfer, but should any club wish to pay in cash then that will entail them making a journey to Witherley to make the payment in person.  • Should any club encounter financial problems in any way, a chat with our Treasurer will often be preferable to e-mail to find a workable solution.

Any Other Business

Luke Hennerley of Bulkington Poppys FC raised a question regarding the bond payable on clubs wishing to register any ex players from Cricks FC following their expulsion from this League last January. It was said that the decision to increase the bond to £150 was agreed by our committee following another incident involving one of the players in question. After a response from Poppys, Alan Aucott read out the entire letter received from the club. Luke Hennerley then said that his club would now consider that they may call for a Special General Meeting of all clubs to debate the whole matter further, following which Glyn Watkins (AFC Barn) and Ian Harding (Bedworth Liberals) were the only clubs who raised comments when so invited. At the conclusion of the discussion, Alan Aucott agreed that the committee would look further into the questions raised.

Roll Call  • Three clubs, Ambush FC, Coventry Empire and The Whitestone failed to answer the Roll Call.

There was no other business, the meeting concluded at 8.32pm

Our next General Meeting will take place on Monday 28th October 2019 starting a 7.30pm at  Stockingford Pavilion.


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