Club Secretary's should note that the next League Meeting will take place at The Stockingford Pavilion on Monday August 19th 2019, starting at 7.15pm.



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MEETING HELD MONDAY OCTOBER 28th 2019 - Stockingford AA Pavilion

General League Meeting 28th October 2019 - opened at 7.30pm

The meeting, at Stockingford AA, was chaired by Chairman Andy Baggott.

Minutes of the preceding General League Meeting (19th August 2019) The minutes of the last meeting were read and were approved as a true record. There were no matters arising.

Chairmans Report

Ball of the Month for September was awarded to Collycroft Royal Oak of Division Two. 

Ball of the Month for October was awarded to Ashby Road Sports Club from Division Three.

This year, we have teams competing in two County Cups competitions. In Birmingham, in the Sunday Amateur Cup, Acorn FC won their game, but unfortunately Nuneaton Borough Sunday were eliminated.  In the Leicestershire County FA Sunday Trophy, Ashby Road Sports won their game, but Lord Nelson and AFC Barn both lost. We have four of our Premier teams competing in the Birmingham Roger Wood Memorial Cup. 

All games on Remembrance Sunday, 10th November will commence at 11.02am after a two minutes silence.

Some offensive comments and posts on social media websites have been reported to BCFA and, in one case, to the Police. The Police have issued a warning to everybody about the Malicious Communications Act 1988 including; Any person who sends to another person a letter or electronic communication of an  article which conveys any of the following, is guilty of an offence under the act. A message which is indecent or grossly offensive, conveys a threat, information which is false or believed to be false by the sender, all could carry a penalty of up to two years imprisonment and/or a fine. NDSFL will report all such incidents to BCFA, and if found guilty, will charge the offending club with bringing our League into . disrepute. Please make sure that this message is conveyed to everybody connected with your club who uses social media or has access to your club pages.

Rule 19 of the FA Standard Code states that football shirts must be numbered, subject to a £25 fine for non compliance. It is possible that this may be included in a disciplinary report, so please be aware of the requirement.

All communication between any clubs in this League must be made by club secretaries only, if a secretary is not available for any reason, then only the nominated alternative contact should deputise. This is especially important when notifying opposition, referees or league contacts that a match is postponed. There have been occasions where players or managers have become involved and confusion has arisen.

A player of Sunnyside Inn FC recently suffered a badly broken leg in a game with Attleborough Sports FC. He had to wait for nearly two hours for an ambulance to arrive, during which time people from Attleborough were on hand to offer first aid. Thanks were recorded to them for their help. A fund raising evening is to be held at Attleborough Sports Club on 29th November starting at 7.00pm. Please contact Sunnyside Inn FC for further details.

General Secretaries Report 

An e-mail has been received from BCFA about the intention of the FA to introduce two mandatory changes to be applied to all leagues and clubs from the start of season 2021-22. The first requires all registrations of all players shall be carried out through the computer based Whole Game System. The other relates to all those open age clubs who propose to sign players under the age of 18 years, in those cases the manager of those teams will require to be DBS checked and approved.

Problems have recently been experienced at local parks pitches concerning pitch fitness and referees inspections. The referee apppointed for a game is the only person who can inspect the pitch and his decision is final, club officials should support his decision without contradiction. Matches should only take place on the correct pitch specified at the ground or on the fixtures, it is not acceptable to move the game to another pitch at the  same venue, there may be another game scheduled to take place at a later time on that same day.

Treasurers Report 

Payment of our League fees will be shown on club invoices which will be due on November 1st and December 1st. Rebates of £10 from League fees will be credited to the account of those eligible clubs after full payment is made to the Treasurer. 

All cheques must be made payable to "Nuneaton & District Sunday Football League" in full. Our bank will not accept cheques made out to "NDSFL" or any other acronym.

Referees Secretaries Report  • A new referee, Cipriani Grosu, has been added to our list, his details are on our website.

Roll Call  • Two clubs, Acorn FC and Coventry Empire failed to answer the Roll Call.
There was no other business, the meeting concluded at 7.52pm

Our next General Meeting will take place on Monday 16th December 2019 starting a 7.30pm at  Bedworth Liberal Club King Street, Bedworth CV12 8HT.


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