Club Secretary's should note if there is a clash of colours it shall be the HOME TEAM that is required to change !!!

Please REMEMBER to CONFIRM Fixtures to Referee and Opposition 5 Days Prior to the Game.

Secretaries should NOTE that the Referees Fee for 2017-2018 remains at £29.00


Club Secretary's should note that the next League Meeting, will take place at The Stockingford Pavilion on Monday September 25th 2017, starting at 7.30pm



August/September 2017

Season 2017-2018

Paul Bliss - Tel: 07960 602845

Updated Wednesday August 23rd 2017 - 3.43pm

If Cup Ties are level at full time, straight to penalty kicks to decide the winner. No Extra Time

The Fixtures for Sunday August 27th 2017 - Kick Off 10.45am

Premier One
Cannon Sports
Poplar Athletic v Crown (Nuneaton) NC School B.Canavan
Atherstone Barcode v Grendon FC
Weddington Thistle  v Crown (Nuneaton)
Division One
EJ Company
Bentley Sports v Witherley Utd Pauls Land 4 M.Burdett
FC Atack  v Attleborough Potters 
Bedworth Liberal  v Haunchwood Sports
Bedworth Sports v Chetwynd Arms  Heckley Fields W.Harbut
Stockingford White Lion v Haunchwood Sports Pauls Land 6 K.Willis
Division Two
Mark Blair
Mortgage & Finance
Attleborough Fox v Phoenix Sports FC Pauls Land 2 K.Brandon
Attleborough Potters Res  v Bedworth Travellers Res
FC Jollys v Parade FC
Bull & Anchor FC v Phoenix Sports
Griff Coton Manor  v FC Miners Griff & Coton B.Callender
Weddington Thistle Res  v Old Black Bank
Grendon Res v Bedworth Lib Res
Division Three
Nuneaton Trophies & Giftware
Windmill v Collycroft Royal Oak Windmill G.Ankers
White Lion FC v Poppys FC
FC Miners Res  v Crown (Nuneaton) Res Vale View S.Harding

The Fixtures for Wednesday August 30th 2017 - KO 6.00pm

Nuneaton Cottage Hospital Cup - Sophia 
Semi Finals
Ambush FC v Drayton FC Copeswood D.Crowe
Sporting Dynamo FC v Galacticos FC Ibstock FC M.Cartwright

The Fixtures for Sunday September 3rd 2017 - KO 10.45am

Nuneaton Cottage Hospital  Cup -  Final   SOPHIA     
Ambush or Drayton v Sp Dynamo / Galacticos Stock AA M.Cartwright
      D.Brandon K.Brandon
Telegraph Cup
  Round One     
Witherley Utd v Attleborough Potters  Witherley P.Balac
FC Jollys v Bedworth Liberal  Pingles 2 P.Finch
Attleborough Fox v Frank Parker Pauls Land 2 S.Divett
Bentley Sports FC v FC Miners Sandon 1 A.Gilroy
Bull & Anchor FC v Phoenix Sports  Howat Rd  S.Masters
Premier One
Cannon Sports
Ridge Lane  v Drayton Ridge Lane P.Bliss
Bedworth Travellers v Weddington Thistle Bulk Rec 1 C.Ward
CJ Athletic v Crown (Nuneaton)  Pauls land 5 K.Lenton
Poplar Athletic v Hartshill Sports  NC School M.Broadhurst
Division One
EJ Company
TNT FC v Bedworth Conservatives NW Colledge W.Harbut
Haunchwood Sports v Bedworth Sports Haunchwood M.Burdett
FC Atack  v Drayton Res  Pingles 1  P.Bell
Stockingford White Lion v Ambleside AFC Pauls Land 6 J.Morrissey
Division Two
Mark Blair
Mortgage & Finance
Bedworth Travellers Res v Griff & Coton Manor  Bulk Rec 2 M.Wileman
Bedworth Lib Res v Parade FC NC School B.King
Attleborough Potters Res  v Weddington Thistle Res  Kegs L.Jones
Old Black Bank v Chetwynd Arms Res Heckley Fields L.Neal
Division Three Nuneaton Trophies & Giftware        
Darkside FC v Poppys FC
Hartshill Sports Res v Collycroft Royal Oak Hartshill  W.Percival
Sunnyside Inn FC v Crown (Nuneaton) Res Sandon 4 K.Willis
Windmill FC v Ridge Lane Res Windmill S.Harding
FC Miners Res v Ambleside AFC Res  Vale View G.Ankers
TNT FC Res v White Lion FC Griff & Coton M.Oakes


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