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The following Clubs have tendered their resignations to the NDSFL Management Committee.

Darkside FC.

Darkside FC Reserves.

Gurkha Corner FC.

The Arches FC.

Bedworth Sports FC

Bull & Anchor FC Reserves


All of the Clubs have a settled their debts to the NDSFL, this allows their signed players to sign for other Clubs in the League.

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Season 2019-2020

Monday March 23rd 2020

NDSFL Calls Time on the 2019-2020 Season !

The NDSFL have been following events and advice from the UK Government, Football Association and Birmingham County FA regarding the continued outbreak of Coronavirus in the UK and in line with that advice an the ongoing changing situation, we have taken the decision to end the 2019-2020 season now. No further games under the jurisdiction of the NDSFL will be played.


We are in unprecedented times with advice on what we can and cannot do changing on a daily basis. We don't need to panic but we need to eradicate this virus and do what we can to help those in the at risk group and the NHS staff on the frontline who are dealing with people who need their professional help. The safety and welfare of everyone is therefore paramount. 


I can understand that you will firstly be disappointed at this decision but also understanding that we have made the right decision and that we couldn't possibly continue in the current climate. The FA and BCFA had already extended their advice to postponing football for the foreseeable future. We had to make a decision and stopping the season now was the only one available to us. 


Stopping the season raises a number of issues, which John has already covered in a separate email,  that we will work through with you over the coming months and I have listed a few below:



The April and May League meetings are therefore cancelled as is the AGM scheduled for June. The May meeting is normally when League Application forms for next season are handed out but these can be downloaded from the NDSFL website and can be found in the 'Latest News' section and the box titled Application forms. The link to the form is at the bottom of that box. It can be completed online and submitted online. 


The AGM will be conducted online and all relevant paperwork will be submitted to you as and when required. We are not aware of any rule changes yet but they will be sent out, if we get any, nearer the time. Any changes to the Standard Code will have be adopted as normal. Alan will put together a balance sheet and this will be sent out later. 



A decision on how we move forward to next season re League standings, relegation/promotion, will be made later.


SEASON 2020-2021

We all hope that the current restrictions are only place for the short term but as we do not know how this will unfold we do not yet know when the 2020-2021 season will start. We hope to be able to start towards the end of August, that is the aim, but we will be guided by whatever advice is being given at the time. The make up of divisions to start next season will take place after the AGM, when we know who has applied and how many, if any, new teams have applied. Applications for 2020-2021 must be in by June 1st 2020 so we will have a better picture of how the divisions will be made up after that date. 



These will obviously be available to member clubs once applications have been accepted but how we distribute them will depend on the advice and situation we are in during June and July. We will update you when we know more. 


Finally I would like to offer my personal thanks to you and those of the NDSFL Committee for the patience you have shown this season in the face of the most difficult of circumstances we have witnessed in the 54 years we have been in existence. It has not been easy for anybody and decisions have been made that we would never have expected to make. The weather has been the some of the worst we have experienced and the frustration at not being able to get out a play football has been obvious. This virus is one of the worst this country has faced in modern times and is causing us to change our way of life.


Please can you get the message across to your players to observe the advice that the Government, the FA and BCFA is issuing and to keep up to date with it. Especially around training and moving around and as was mentioned recently the quicker we comply the quicker it will be eased and the quicker we can return to normal life. Rest assured better times are on the way. 


If anyone has anything they want to ask, please do so and we will answer your questions as best we can at this time. Further information will be sent out as and when we can.


Stay safe


Andy Baggott

Chairman NDSFL. 


Nuneaton Borough Sunday FC

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AFC Barn - on lookout for New Blood

AFC Barn, who joined the NDSFL this season and play in Division Three, are on the lookout for NEW players, interested then give:

Glyn Watkins a call on 07741 259920

Club Call Offs - Inclement Weather

With the bad weather continuing to cause blanket call offs, and with little resbite on the horizon, together with over 200 Fixtures having been postponed to date, the Management Committee afer investigation have taken the step to suspend "Call Offs" as laid down in Standard Code Addendum (x) Page 35 (Call Offs).

The decision was made on December 1st 2019.  After the full programme bar one was lost to the weather and will be up for ratification at the League Meeting later this month.

All requests for "Call Offs" that were received before December 1st, have been honoured.

League Fees - Stage Three Payment.

May I remind Club Secretary's that the third stage payment of League Fees is now overdue.  As per Standard Rule 4D, if this has not been paid by the January 1st 2020 then Clubs cannot be allocated fixtures.

Thanks from Sunnyside Inn FC

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Sunnyside Inn FC - 2019

Sunnyside Inn FC wish to thank all who helped last Sunday, when Marcus Stephenson suffered a double broken leg. Special thanks go to Attleborough Sports FC coach ian Clarke who was instremental in the welfare of Marcus untill paramedics arrived.  Jake Porter also wishes to thank referee Steve Johnson for assisting.

Marcus underwent surgery on the muscles and tendons on Monday, followed on Tuesday by having a rod put inserted into his leg from knee to ankle, the damage being a broken the tibia and fibia.

Club Resignations

It is with regret that we have today recieved the Resignations of Bedworth Sports FC, Bull & Anchor FC Reserves and TNT FC with immediate effect.  Their records of the Clubs has been expunged from their respective Divisions..

Match Report Forms

As will all be aware this season saw the FA introduce "Sin Bins" at our level.

We run the coverted Fair Play Award each season, and "Sin Bins" will now be included to determine the winner.  So the Match Report Form has been updated, and Clubs should use the NEW VERSION from October 1st 2019.  A copy of the NEW MRF can be downloaded from the link below.

Enter file download name here

Team Photographs 2019-20

I want to build up a set of Team Photographs this season, and will be visiting different grounds each Sunday.  In the mean time if you wish to take a photograph of your team, and send it to me it will help us get underway.

Send you photos tome at  - many thanks.

Chairman's Award 2018-19.

Sponsored by Hartshill Sports Club FC

Awarded to Mr Keith Lenton

In Celebration of 40 Years Service to the Nuneaton & District Sunday Football League.

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Presentation to Keith Lenton by Hugh Renshaw & John Ward.

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Ginny Lenton receives a bouquet from Hughie Renshaw

It was in September 1978 when he was secretary of The Nuneaton Amateur League that Keith took first game, although he was not qualified at that time !


Keith completed the referees’ course and passed out as Class Three in November 1978.  Quickly being promoted to Class One in February 1983. 

Keith only intended to just referee on Saturdays but Max Rowley (the then NDSFL Referees Secretary) convinced him to join the Sunday League. Where he is still officiating today.

The highlight of his Sunday League Career came in is fortieth season, 2017-18, when he was appointed to Referee the Nuneaton Telegraph Cup Final at The Pavilion, when Stockingford White Lion played Weddington Thistle.


Keith continues to enjoy his Sunday mornings, and we are glad to have him on our Referees Panel.

Clubs - Change of Name

Secretary's should note that Tin Hat FC members of Division 3 have now changed their name to Ashby Road Sports FC. Whilst Lion FC also in Division 3 become White Lion Bulkington FC.

Experienced Referees Sort !

During the close season the management committee worked hard to attract NEW Clubs in an attempt to buck the trend, which as seen many Sunday Leagues in England lose membership and, in some cases, go out of business altogether.

Following our efforts, we attracted 11 NEW Clubs from not only Nuneaton, Bedworth and North Warwickshire but also from Coventry & Hinckley, bringing our membership up to 50 teams whom will compete in Four Divisions.


We now must look at the strength of our Referees Panel to ensure all our games are covered by Official Referees.


Our current panel of loyal officials is unfortunately not being added to on a regular basis, and this is a priority we need to address.


Courses for NEW Referees are held by the Birmingham FA every year, but take up is low, due to several reasons one of which is costs.  The NDSFL already assists financially, part sponsoring NEW local candidate’s thus reducing the financial burden.  This will help long term but the need for more experienced officials is even more pressing.


The NDSFL can offer Premier Division football at a HIGH Level, boasting several teams who have been successful at County and FA level.  Games are centered around Nuneaton, Bedworth, North Warwickshire, Coventry and Hinckley with games being played on Sunday mornings.  The Fee this season set by BCFA is £32.00 per game.


Joining us would give you variety, New Teams, New Challenges, and maybe other additional career opportunities.


Any Referee interested in joining the NDSFL Referees Panel in 2019/20 will need to contact the Referees Secretary to get further information.

Steve Masters

Tel: 07817 879567 or  email: 

or visit:


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